Commission a portrait

I accept commissions from clients worldwide. All pricing includes free international shipping.

To commission a portrait, you will first need to decide on the medium. I currently offer portraits in pastel or pencil. Below is a little more about each along with some examples.


Pastel is the most popular and most commonly ordered medium. It can offer the same level of realism and character as an oil portrait, but takes far less time which makes it more affordable. Pastel is especially suited to pet portraits, being delicate enough to capture the finest whips of hair, yet possessing enough depth to portray depth of expression in eyes. Pastel art lasts for generations, however it will need to be framed safely behind glass. I have sized the standard portraits so that they can easily fit into a standard ready made frame, but custom sizes can always be accommodated.

Some examples of pastel portraits.

Pastel portrait pricing

Commission a Pastel Pet Portrait
from 75.00
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Pricing is set by size and is not affected by extra subjects, background or any other details. However the portrait size must be large enough to accommodate the request subject(s), for example an 8” x 6” size portrait is suitable for just one pet’s head and shoulders. For two pets or a full body portrait the size would need to be increased to at least 10” x 8”. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with any queries.

Sizing is listed in UK sterling and includes free international delivery. A 50% deposit is required at time of ordering, you can place a deposit here.

Interest free payment plans are also available - click here for details.


Pencil Sketches capture your pet's character in a small and simple portrait which makes an ideal gift either for yourself or somebody else. They are smaller and take a lot less time to complete than pastel or oil portraits, making them less expensive. 

Please note the  15 x 10cm / 6" x 4" size is suitable only for one pet.

Commission a Pencil Pet Portrait
from 18.50
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Sizing is listed in UK sterling and includes free international delivery. Full payment is required at time of ordering.

For either medium, I will need a photograph of your pet(s) to work from. These can be submitted to, please feel free to send as many as you like if you can’t decide on just one!

When choosing a reference, as a general guide a photograph taken in natural lighting is best. For group portraits it is usually best to submit indicidual photographs of each animal. Please see bleow for some recent examples of reference photographs alongside the complete portrait.