Commission a Pastel Pet Portrait - Pay Weekly

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Commission a Pastel Pet Portrait - Pay Weekly

from 7.50 every week for 10 weeks

An interest free payment plan for pastel pet portraits.

Select the desired size of your portrait, and the amount shown will be charged weekly over a period of 10 weeks.

Free worldwide shipping.

Pastel is the most popular and most commonly ordered medium. It can offer the same level of realism and character as an oil portrait, but takes far less time to complete making it more affordable. Pastel is especially suited to pet portraits, being delicate enough to capture the finest whips of hair, yet possessing enough depth to portray depth of expression in eyes.

No extra charge for any extra pets or a detailed background, but the size of the portrait must be large enough to accommodate any extra subjects, the 8" x 6" size is suitable for a maximum of one subject's head and shoulders. Custom sizes available on request.

Reference photographs can be emailed to Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

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Portraits can only be guaranteed once 50% of the full cost (equivalant of a deposit) has been paid.

The portrait will be delivered only when full payment has been received. Please note full pricing below.

8” x 6” / 20 x 15cm - £75

10” x 8” / 25 x 20cm - £150

12” x 10” / 30 x 25cm - £195

16” x 12” / 40 x 30cm - £270

23” x 17” / 58 x 43cm - £490