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I started with a simple, very faint sketch in blue pastel. Once I was happy with the layout, I then added a layer of ivory colour for the background with Faber Castell pastel pencil to create a smoother surface for blending.


I then marked out the most obvious areas of Amber’s face again with pastel pencil, blending to create the shape of her muzzle, cheekbones and other areas of her face.


Once I had established the structure of her face, I then began to add detail with a mixture of Faber Castell pastel pencil and Unison soft pastels.

Untitled design

‘Amber’ 10″ x 8″ by Gillian Ussher

The reference photo was Amber’s portrait was from (with kind permission) Jenny Kemp Photography

This portrait is available to buy as giclee print on my online store. Use discount code OPM141 for a 10% discount.


To commission a portrait of your own pet, you can contact me at gillian@perpetualportraits.co.uk or visit my website.

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