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Framing pastel artwork

Pastel is notoriously delicate, the slightest rub can destroy a pastel artwork, and the only assured way to protect it is to frame safely behind glass. 


Choosing a frame type is never an easy choice!

Framing the artwork yourself

With any original piece of art, it is highly recommended to use a professional framer and it is too easy to damage the artwork. If you decide to tackle framing yourself, here are some tips that may be useful:

  1. Take extreme care not to let the pastel touch your hands or any surface. One smudge is enough to destroy an image.

  2. The pastel should be kept from touching the glass of the frame. Use a mount to create a gap between the image and glass, or alternatively use a lift or spacer.

  3. When inserting the portrait into the frame be careful not to allow the top layer of dust from falling onto the glass. To avoid this, prevent the picture from facing downwards at any stage during framing.

If framing a commission yourself, please contact me at any stage with questions and I will pass them onto our framer.

Professional Framing


George’s portrait framed with a cream mount and a black solid timber frame.

A professional framer will have lots of experience with all types of art and mediums. We offer a bespoke framing service which generally takes 1-2 weeks depending on size. If you are using another framing service, we can ship your artwork directly to them if required.


Mason framed in Dark Oak effect solid timber with ivory mounting.

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