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Indie, Violet and Hera

This was originally commissioned as a double portrait of Indie the Vizsla and Hera the Italian Segugio, then when Violet was added to the family she was also added to the portrait!

With group portraits I can either work from separate photos or a group picture. Separate photos are usually easier to find, and work perfectly once the lighting and angle is similar.

Violet, Indie and Her's reference photographs.

I had an unexpectedly difficult time getting started with this portrait as it was the first time I had drawn a Vizsla since my own Vizsla, Rua, passed away last month. While usually I would sketch out all of the dogs at once, for this portrait I found myself delving straight into Indie the adult Vizsla whom I found the most difficult to draw before I had even sketched out the other dogs - sort of like ripping a band aid off in one go!

It was incredibly lovely and extremely emotional to draw her. I'm always amazed at how different every Vizsla looks even though they are all the pretty much the same colour and Indie was no exception, she has so much unique expression and character on her face!

Once Indie was complete Violet and Hera were sketched in and drawn. Although Violet's reference photo was at a slightly different angle to Indie and Hera's, it works really well with her little face looking upwards.

Violet, Indie and Hera.

Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencil and Unison soft pastel on Daler Rowney Ingres pastel paper.

30 x 25cm / 12" x 10"

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