A collection of my art featuring people, all have been drawn with Faber Castell pastel pencil and Unison soft pastel on Daler Rowney Ingres paper.

For information on commissioning art featuring people, please click here.

16″ x 12″ / 40 x 30cm

 12″ x 10″ / 30 x 25cm

One of my favourite things about taking commissions is when clients request something unusual and beautiful like this lovely scene. 12″ x 10″ / 30 x 25cm

10″ x 8″ / 30 x 25cm

This portrait is of my son, Rory. I wanted a portrait which captures him as the day dreamer he is, so this pose of him absentmindedly munching on an Oreo while reading a book was perfect. 12″ x 12″ / 30 x 30cm

This is one of my favourite pieces I have ever drawn or painted, I hope it captures a very special time for this beautiful family. 12″ x 10″ / 30 x 25cm

This portrait was commissioned by a graphic designer, I love the layout she requested! 10″ x 8″ / 25 x 20cm

While commissioning this wedding portrait, the client wanted a scene of the couple looking happy and natural rather than a staged pose. I think it was a lovely idea and makes the portrait much more delicate and personal. 12″ x 10″ / 30 x 25cm

Detail from a giant 70″ x 40″ portrait, pastel on masonite board.

Fursa grooming her human’s beard. 10″ x 8″ / 25 x 20cm

This drawing was from a very small 65 year old photograph which had lost a lot of detail over the years, so other photographs and stories of the girl and her animals were essential for capturing this scene. 12″ x 10″ / 30 x 25cm

12″ x 10″ / 25 x 20cm

12″ x 10″ / 25 x 20cm

Thank you for looking! You can see more of my art at and find information on ordering a commission here.

If you might be interested in placing an order for a commission or custom artwork which you would like to be ready in time for Christmas 2018 but can’t bring yourself to think that far ahead, then please leave your name and email on the link below and I will get in touch with final ordering dates and details.


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