Vizsla Pumpkin Stencil

Vizsla Pumpkin Stencil.

Printable Hungarian Vizsla pumpkin stencil

Prepare pumpkin then print stencil, cut out circle and tape securely onto pumpkin

Firmly punch holes evenly along the outline with a pin to mark where will need to be cut

Cut along marked lines with a sharp knife to reveal the Vizsla silhouette.

I would love to see any pumpkins you create! Please leave a comment below or send them to The stencil is to fit a medium sized pumpkin, if you find it too large or small let me know and I can post some different sizes. Also, if anybody would like to see some other breeds I’d be happy to make up some new stencils – Happy Halloween!

Last year’s Vizsla pumpkin.

Unfortunately I do not have a stencil for last year’s pumpkin, I carved this on a whim without any planning or sketches. I will aim to upload a stencil in time for next year. Happy Hallowe’en!

View my Vizsla portraits and paintings.

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